Ever meant to be happy? (Poetry)

She’s not meant to be happy.

You can tell by her tear stained face.

Everyone shouts out her imperfections,

She tries to tell herself they’re just words,

But sometimes words hurt the most.


Everyone’s voices fill her head.

She starts to believe them all after a while.

She begins to understand that she’ll never measure up.

Her family is perfect and flawless,

While she’s the misfit of the bunch.


She tries to win the approval of society,

But falls short every single time.

No one could ever look at her the way

They would view someone from the Upper East Side.


Her heart is now torn into a million pieces.

She fights and struggles to put it back together,

She fails every time.

She tries to be happy, but people’s words get in her way.

She tries not to break down,

and you’ll always see that fake smile on her face.


She tries to stay strong.

She tries to push out everyone’s voice but her own.

She tries to blend into the crowd, all result in a fail.

She wonders if she’ll ever be happy,

If she’ll ever see the light at the end of the tunnel.

She keeps her head up, and pushes on through the day,

Because she knows one day she’ll be okay.