To come back home (Poetry)

If I come back five years later will this still be home?


Am I still going to see our names carved into the old tree?

Or am I going to look at you the way P. Sawyer sees Lucas Scott?


When I run into you are our feelings going to flood forward,

Or will you be introducing me to your new fiancé?

Will I regret never telling you how I feel?


As I walk through our favorite spot in town,

All these questions will haunt me along with memories.

I’ll sit on the tailgate and watch the stars,

Like we once did together.


And every time I saw a shooting star,

I’d give the wish to you.

This time I’m here alone, I’ll keep them for myself,

But even though the wish is mine,

I still waste it on you every time, wishing that you were here with me,


To look upon these stars.