Poor little boy (Poetry)

*Poor little boy*

He's the kid that's afraid for his life.

When he hears her footsteps

he runs under the bed.

He has the kind heart of every 9 year old,

but he isn't care free.

He knows if he makes one small mistake

the price could be his life.

He lives in fear that one day she'll lose it,

that her hunger for anger will prevail.

He holds his tears in until the night.

He wishes on thousands of stars for another life,

but he wakes in the same bed everytime.

He tries to be happy,

but she knocks him down every time.

It's not only the physical that cuts deep, but all the

"I hate you's."

It's not only the bruises that hurt, but all the

"I want you gones."

When you look into his eyes,

you see the hurt, the pain, the hopelessness.

But when he looks into your eyes

he sees the good, and his eyes begin to shine.

He now knows there is good in the world.

He now knows he must endure his childhood,