God is always there (Poetry)

When you're feeling helpless,

when you scream for help,

when you feel like you waste your breathe crying

don't fear. Some one is listening.

He's listening very close.

He's saying, "Don't worry dear child

I see each tear that falls.

I'll pick you up when you are down,

and when you feel like no one is around.

I've got your back and I'll I ask is that I can have your heart.

Don't worry dear child, I'll keep it safe.

I won't let it break.

It may feel like I've gone away,

or that I suddenly don't care.

But never fear, I'm still here.

I've got you in my arms.

You're safe with me, I'm all you need."

So next time you feel like no one is listening,

look up to the stars.