To the kids of Sandy Hook

To the kids of Sandy Hook

They woke up like any other day.

Excited to see their friends, to color,

to play on the playground, to see their teachers face.

They rushed their parents out the door, as they grabbed their bags.

Living their care free lives, they’ve been shielded from pain and hurt.

They’ve been safe under their parent’s wings.


They get to class and say hi to their friends.

Their day goes on, and they earn a gold star.

Their laughter feels the playground as they swing, slide, and play tag.

Never once thinking about what the adult world can bring.

All the emotions, the worries, the crime, the hazards;

They’ve all been shielded.


Later in class the unthinkable happens,

All shields are broken down and the kids are brought into our ugly world.

They had to grow up fast if they wanted to survive.

Such emotions flowed from the broken down shield,

Ones no kid should have to feel.


That day parents lost their kids,

Kids lost their best friends and teachers.

We know they’re in a better place, but it still hurts.

We thank the brave teachers that made it possible to hug our kids that night.


The victims of that day look down on us now.

They pray for their families and friends left behind.

If only we can feel what they are feeling,

The love of Heaven, no pain, and no tears.

While the rest of us cope with the sins of this world,

They are singing in the Heavenly choir.

While we are feeling so much pain and sorrow for this day,

They are laughing and playing tag with the angels.

The laughs we once heard on the playground are ringing down from Heaven above.


In our hearts we know they are happy and better off.

They are no longer shielded by us, they are shielded by God.

Our tears turn to hope, hope that one day we will be in Heaven playing tag with them.