The real heros

01/25/2013 16:09

“To the brave souls who don’t get thanked enough”

                We live in a world where superheroes wear capes; they fly from building to building catching the “bad guys.” They also have extraordinary powers.

Superman can fly,

Spiderman can shoot webs,

Iron man has a high tech suit,

And Mr. Fantastic has flexibility.

The real heroes have something much greater, they have heart and courage.


Firemen save you from burns and scars,

Paramedics can start a heart,

And soldiers fight every day for their lives and ours.

While all the neighbor kids fantasize about meeting a superhero the little girl in the corner house prays for her hometown hero’s. She dreams about the day she can shake their hand, and see their smiling face. In return they’ll see the twinkling in the little girl’s eyes and they know they’ve made an impact. The real heroes are the role models we should want our kids to look up to; because even though super heroes may look cool with flashy capes and slogans the real heroes are out in our world risking their lives every day.